Artbox Entrepreneur program completes by granting €55,000 to 22 artists

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Artbox Entrepreneur wraps up as 22 individual artists successfully complete the 6-week program and receive €2,500 each to bring their career acceleration plans to life.

Published: June 13, 2024

Creative Armenia celebrates the successful conclusion of its Artbox Entrepreneur signature program, designed to turn individual artists into creative entrepreneurs.

22 artists, representing various artistic domains such as music, design, visual, and multidisciplinary arts, commenced their entrepreneurial journey at Artbox. Their goal was to kickstart their creative careers, strengthen their personal branding, and maximize their revenue. Through weekly workshops, led by top-notch mentors in business and entrepreneurship as well as cultural leaders from Armenia, France, Malta, and Switzerland, program participants received guidance on enhancing their self-branding, promotion, sales strategies, and more. As the program concluded, 22 artists received a total grant of €55,000 to implement their entrepreneurial strategies, developed during Artbox.

The 22 participants who completed Artbox Entrepreneur and were cumulatively awarded €55,000, equating to €2,500 each, to bring their entrepreneurial plans to life, are:

  • Anahit Yazichyan (Fashion designer)
  • Anait Markaryan (Composer)
  • Arusik Nanyan (Musician)
  • Mila Ashkhen Khandzratsyan (Illustrator, Ceramic artist, and Graphic designer)
  • Ashot Ghazaryan (Musician)
  • Bela Poghosyan (Interdisciplinary artist and Curator)
  • Eliza Baghdiyan (Musician and Graphic designer)
  • Hakob Machkalyan (Architect)
  • Hasmik Soghomonyan (Visual Artist and Designer)
  • Khoren Mikayelyan (Guitarist and Music producer
  • Lilit Martirosyan (Visual artist and Illustrator)
  • Lilit Mikoyan (Photographer and Jewelry designer)
  • Lilith Mnatsakanyan (Visual Artist)
  • Lusine MLKE-Galstyan (Musician and Composer)
  • Mariam Papyan (Visual artist and Designer)
  • Mary Bayatyan (Visual artist)
  • Mery Arakelyan (Graphic designer)
  • Pardy Minassian (Composer and Classical guitarist)
  • Ralph Keuchkerian (Composer)
  • Raphael Vardanyan (Singer-songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, and Composer)
  • Sona Turabyan (Violist)
  • Vardges Manukyan (Cinematographer)

“Another 22 artists turned into creative entrepreneurs through the definitive structure of Artbox. At Creative Armenia, we believe all artists have the potential and need to build a successful and sustainable profitability channel around their art; and it’s the role of Artbox Entrepreneur to help them do so. We are happy to already have a community of 50+ artists who have become individual entrepreneurs through our pipeline,” said Anush Ter-Khachatryan, Director of Programs at Creative Armenia.

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